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NEWS : COVID 19 PANDEMIC-EDSI Team inspects facilities at Isolation Center.

A team of Volunteers from Environmental Development and Social Justice Initiatives (EDSI) paid a visit to Stella Obansanjo Hospital in Benin City which has been selected as an Isolation Centre. The visit was to ascertain the level of preparedness in the face of the growing number of cases in Nigeria and Edo State in particular.

The team Lead, Ms Fayomi thanked the Medical Director, Dr E. O. Itohan for the audience and informed him of the purpose of the visit which was to see how well the health facility was preparing and gave a message of solidarity on behalf of the Board of Trustees (BOT) of EDSI, wishing him and his team safety as they help others to remain healthy. She noted that patients had been evacuated and that work was indeed going on at the centre. Dr Itohan commended the team for the bravery exercised by visiting the health facility at such a time. He confirmed to the team at the time of visit that the new Isolation centre was 98% complete and that it would complement the existing Infectious Disease Control Isolation Centre at the Hospital.
One major area of concern is how the medical wastes would be managed.

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