Environmental Development and Social Justice Initiatives


Environmental Development and Social Justice Initiatives (EDSI) is a non -governmental organization founded in Nigeria and registered October, 2010 with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to implement programmes that address prevailing environment, health and social problems in the society.

Awareness creation

Environmental awareness is the consciousness of, concern for and sensitivity, as well as responsiveness to an environmental issue.

Solid Waste Management “Waste to Wealth

Solid waste is a serious threat to urban development where the inability to manage it undermines and destroys the aesthetics of cities, and poses health hazards to the general public.

Research on Environmental Health Issue

Protecting the health of the people has long been the mainstay of environmental health practice, given that the impact of the environment on human health is great.

Environmental Resource & Community Development

EDSI promotes social justice in project communities by entrenching a culture of dialogue that helps diffuse tension as well as inter-sectoral intervention to ensure win- win outcomes.



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